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In order to mitigate the necessary expenses associated with maintaining Lake Erling in its present state, AGRED has undertaken an annual permit and easement process to help achieve and sustain this goal. AGRED understands that some landowners do have existing easements and AGRED recognizes this. For those landowners who do not have the luxury of such easement, AGRED is attempting to grant annual renewable easements for a modest fee so as to ensure these landowners have legal access to the lake. Having a written easement should further enhance property value by transforming lake view property into lake front property.

By popular demand from lakefront property owners on Lake Erling, it is our pleasure to announce that we have now introduced a mandatory boat decal system, and have decided on a price of $35.00 per decal. As a token of our appreciation, each lakefront property owner who pays their 2015 fees will be given one decal for a boat. The decals will be sold at these local area stores:

Lake Erling Country Store – Taylor, AR
Emerson Service Center – Taylor, AR
Cummings’ Camp – Taylor, AR
Stop ‘N’ Shop – Bradley, AR
Steve’s Marine, Magnolia, AR
ArkLa Outdoors – Springhill, LA
Olson’s Gunshop-Magnolia, AR

Below Are Some of the Services We Provide for Lake Erling